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The MVP of Tools I Use Regularly

I live a double life. I love the minimalistic's mantra of keeping what’s important (a.k.a. ‘sparks joy’ — Marie Kondo) while on the other hand I definitely love variety. Having options have always fascinated me.

When it comes to my smartphone use, I’ve got rid of all notifications, games and useless apps.

But on the other hand, I love trying new web apps that help me get a slight advantage in professional development. Even though I’ve spent hundreds of $ (thank you Appsumo for great deals btw), I will brutally execute any tool that doesn’t bring value.

Here are my favorite tools that spark my growth hacking joy and which earned the right to stay on my websites. I’ll avoid the obvious ones like Google Analytics and the sorts...

Disclaimer: I get an affiliate commission or a referral bonus when you sign up for some of these tools using the links below. You’re not paying anything extra (in most cases you get additional credit/value) for them.


  • ChemiCloud (by far THE BEST customer support I’ve ever encountered in my life. Seriously!)
  • MailerLite (stupid-simple email marketing. Free for up to 1000 subs)


  • Albacross (To see which companies visit your website)
  • Zapier (webhooks, automation, and all that jazz)
  • Slack (get it for effective team comms, stay for the integrations)
  • Intercom (the only tool that changed my mind about chatbots)
  • Trello (Best free project management out there. Ok I have to say it -> Integrations <3)
  • Google Tag Manager (no code, no problem)
  • Recurpost / MissingLettr (converts your blog posts into social media campaigns)
  • RelayThat (Canva alternative that remembers your brand colors)
  • MailShake (My favorite cold email outreach tool. Btw, learn how to outreach here)
  • FindThatLead (Email finder)
  • SecretTwitterTool (WIP - working on a twitter tool)


  • TransferWise (receive international currencies at lowest fees ever)
  • PayPal (for everyone who pays or gets paid)


  • Things 3 (best todo list app I’ve ever used)
  • Evernote (thanks to Tiago Forte, the place where I store all my notes)
  • G-Suite (Drive for cloud storage, Doc for writing, Sheet for storing and tracking data, Mail for emails, and more)
  • KeePassXC (Free Password Manager. Plus, I love the name -> KeepAss ;>)
  • Audible (listen to books on-the-go)


  • Grammarly (proof everything I’ve ever written)
  • Hemingway app (readability check)
  • Wordable (turns your Google docs to wordpress drafts in minutes. Huge time-saver)


  • Mintos (P2P lending platform. If you’re in Europe and you’re looking for legitimate investments, try them out)
  • WakingUp (Sam Harris' mediation app. Hint: if you ask customer support for a longer free trial period, you will get one)

. . .

Keep coming back, since there might be more tools.


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