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Man, they should definitely give you the best-looking growth hacker reward. I think you're better than the 99% of growth hackers out there because you're curious and always want to learn and that's the best way someone can keep being ahead of his competitions.

— Abass Sahrawi, B2B Marketer

I like your style!

— Noah Kagan, OkDork

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I check my email inbox daily. You can reach me at dejan@dgajsek.com


Chances are your company has been struggling to get leads and customers for months with no tangible result. Paid ads are expensive and PR agencies are sucking you dry promising to "develop your story". After couple of months and several $10,000s lost you're no better off than before.

What you need to do is create a content strategy that attracts, converts, and closes your clients. Here's where I can help.

As a Growth Marketer of the Startup of the Year 2017, I have mastered the quick road to traction by leveraging marketing channels with a tight budget. By creating relevant content on consistent basis, the startups I was a part of, gain advantage from competitors that were spending 100x more budget.

In 2019, with Grow+Scale, we helped:

  • Microsoft successfully publish Windows 7 End Of Support project
  • Sell over $20,000 worth of products over email in 6 months for the company that has never even used that channel
  • Establish email marketing automation for a data company and ensure a steady influx of marketing qualified leads

If you're looking to get ahead by building a moat of content, earn trust from your readers, and finally convert them into clients, then let's talk. Let’s see what we can do together for your business. We’ll get you off the grounds like an efficient weightlifter with a snatch lift.


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