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Consulting / Full Service Content Marketing Service

Work With Me

Yep, I'm doing consulting and my team is taking on new clients at our full service content marketing agency.

Let me know if any of these are your problems:

You've hired other marketing agencies and you got burned. A lot.

I feel ya. I hate marketing agencies and funny enough, that's why me and my friends made a better one. It's a place where we actually give a shit about you, your results, and your satisfaction.

Full Service Done-For-You Content Marketing Service

Here's what other marketing agencies are doing:

🥵  Insane Billing for every piece of sub-optimal reports
🥵  Slow response and endless meetings about "brand exposure, engagement, and organic traffic."
🥵  Zero reporting on return of investment. You are left just wondering where your money goes.
🥵  They don't care about you at all as long as you pay them the retainers.


Here's what we do at Grow + Scale:

🤩  Deeeeeep research of your audience, buyer's personas, competitors and value propositions
🤩  Our main metric is the number and quality of the leads you get through content and not only SEO and better rankings
🤩  We build you a complete content strategy roadmap with funnels and contextual CTAs
🤩  We write, edit, and prepare the content for publishing for you
🤩  We measure and share reports with you
🤩  Depends on your goals we recommend, consult, and write out landing pages, sales letters, and email sequences that get your leads from 🥶 to 🔥
🤩  We are completely transparent and personal with you. Beside great results, we promise you zero bullshit and straight up good work and advice

Check us out!


Private Consulting 

Alright, this is a bit new but my friends told me I should start charging for this! And I need to feed my peanut butter and specialty coffee obsession so in 2021 I'm open for max 1 consultation per week.

Why me?
I specialize in content marketing although I've worked as a one-man growth department for startups in the last 10 years.
My consulting sessions are wildly beneficial because I can help you focus on the right things, make sure you're accountable to what you want to achieve, and you're not wasting time trying everything.

This can mean huge gains in your business.

My goal is for you to start getting great leads and earning that money!

Each consult is:

👉  1 hour long
👉  Is over Google Video Hangouts
👉  I'll focus on what you need
👉  I'll show you good examples

If you don't know what you really want, I'm happy to explore it with you...

If you're completely new, take this free 15-min session where you can tell me about your wishes and needs.

Sounds gucci?

✌️ + ❤️


Chances are you are starting out or you have been struggling to get leads and customers for months with no tangible result.

As a Growth Marketer of a Startup of the Year 2017, I have mastered the quick road to traction by leveraging marketing channels with a tight budget.

Let’s see what we can do together for your business. We’ll get you off the grounds like an efficient barbell snatch lift.


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