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Consulting / Full Service Content Marketing Service

Work With Me

If you’re a B2B tech company struggling with positioning, content, or you feel like you are losing ground compared to your competitors then please, don’t wait. Let’s get in touch.


Full Service Compete Programs

Here’s what you might be struggling with:

?  Stakeholder are not on-board with compete programs
?  Other departments aren’t really crazy on using battlecards and sales collateral
?  Everything takes so looooong to produce
?  Scaling initial compete programs sounds impossible.


Here’s what we do at Grow + Scale:

?  Deeeeeep research of your audience, buyer’s personas, competitors and value propositions
?  Build and onboard your first Competitive Intelligence program
?  We keep tabs on your competitors and run weekly insights with what’s happening out there in the field
?  We curate, write, and design decks, corporate, and ABM decks for you
?  We measure KPIs, baselines, sales confidence and work along you to make them better

Check us out!


Private Consulting 

Alright, this is a bit new but my friends told me I should start charging for this! And I need to feed my peanut butter and specialty coffee obsession so in 2023 I’m opening 1 consultation per week.

Why me?
I specialize in content marketing, CRO, competitive and sales enablement for tech companies.
My consulting sessions are a steal because I can help you focus on the right things, make sure you’re accountable to what you want to achieve, and you’re not wasting time trying everything.

This can mean huge gains in your business.

My goal is for you to start getting great leads and earning that money!

Each consult is:

?  45-min long
?  Is over Google Video Hangouts
?  I’ll focus on what you need
?  I’ll show you good examples

If you don’t know what you really want, I’m happy to explore it with you…

If you’re completely new, take this free 15-min session where you can tell me about your wishes and needs.

Sounds gucci?

✌️ + ❤️


Struggling with conversions and positioning?

In the last three years I have mastered tech content strategy, and competitive intelligence by deep research and working alongside biggest tech companies.

Let’s see what we can do together for your business. We’ll get you off the ground or optimize and scale your programs.


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