The “Now” Page

“Now” is Derek Sivers‘ idea. He says anyone with a personal page should have a “now” page — a page where the owners explain exactly what they are doing these days.

So What Am I Doing Now?

I’ve just started working on Grow + Scale — a content marketing outfit for B2B companies. I could call it an agency, but it’s more like a boutique two-person professional service.

Since we are just two, we are not accepting new clients and honestly, the website still has placeholder text :).

Books I’m Reading

I’m returning to marketing classics. I’m reading David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man and Ogilvy on Advertising.

I’m still waiting for Ramit Sethi’s 10th anniversary I’ll Teach You to Be Rich. Cheesy title, amazing book. 

Mischevious Miscellaneous

I’ve recently returned from a two-week vacation in Taiwan 🇹🇼 and I had an amazing time. This was my first Asian country (East Turkey doesn’t count) and I was completely impressed by it.

I used to learn Japanese in University many moons ago. This trip in Asia fired me up to pick up the language again.